Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby Bro is 5 months!

Oh little man, you are one cute little dude... I know, I am biased, but seriously, such a cutie!  B, you are one the move, rolling, grabbing, spinning... you sure can be a busy guy.  You are starting to show more determination and exert a little more of an opinion.  If you want something you launch your body towards your desired object... warning to anyone that holds you, to hold you tight or you might dive-bomb out of their arms.

 Sweet dude, you love pulling and grabbing, and I can personally attest to you strength!  You have ever so lovingly pulled out at least 392 handfuls of my hair. Ouch!

You love to put things in your mouth... all things in your mouth!

 and who needs a binky when you are this flexible!
Lovin' that big toe! Yummy!

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