Sunday, November 14, 2010

Utah part 2

Our trip to Utah started out with a bang, busy, fun, lots of friends, smiles and more... that was short-lived...
On Tuesday we came down with the WORST case of the stomach flu ever!
Puking and ...well you know... by all 5 of us
It didn't just stop there... we also took down
2 of my neices
2 sweet 2 year old boys
my dear friend Kira
and I think at least one entire other family

We were down for the count for 5 days - seriously it was awful!  The first 24 hours were the worst, bowls, trashcans and towels lined my sister's house, sleeping on bathroom floors, achy bodies, no energy, chills, tears... Awful, I am telling you, it was the sickest I have ever been.  Kira and I agreed that we would both rather go through natural childbirth (with no drugs) than be that sick again!

So the sickness would have been bad enough even if we had been at home.  But each day that passed that another one of us was sick, was another day in Utah without seeing anyone.  Going into the trip we had plans for each day with friends.  We had really been looking forward to time connecting with everyone.  So when what we hoped was a 24 hour bug ruined the rest of our trip, I was really upset.  I mean really, who wants to drive that far, use up 5 of Mr. Steady's vacation days, just to be sick as a dog, and then to have to drive home with sick kids?!?!

I left disappointed, exhausted, with crushed expectations, and not ready to go back to Cali.  I am doing better now at embracing that it was what it was, and that being sad won't change anything.  But truth be told I am still a little sad!

There was one amazing thing about our trip... we were able to spend some great time with my sister and her girls!  So much time laying around the house gave us lots of time to catch up, chat and encourage each other.  My 2 teenage nieces are growing up so fast; if we weren't down for the count, we would have missed this very special time!  I am VERY thankful for our time at my sisters!

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