Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful- Day 3

oops, missed a day : )
Today we had a special treat of Daddy taking a vacation day to hang out with us.  We went to Sea World and had a blast.

Bug- "Doggies, Yeah!" (they have a pets show at Sea World, it was a hit with our kids)
 bug wondering where the doggies went, "Where he go?"

H- "I am thankful for the beauty of God's creation, that we got to see the ocean and orcas and stuff." (seriously, word for word)

Mr. Steady: "Thankful that we got to spend such a fun day together as a family."

Me: That my man has the rest of the week off!  What a fun way to start our stay-cation to spend the day as a family... and that everyone did great today!

Running into some friends was pretty cool too!

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  1. Kelly, I just love your family. And in that side profile shot, Bug looks so old!! :) Love you and miss you, it was so great to talk to you yesterday!



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