Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 months...

Is my baby really half of a year old?!  I know that I say this every month, but this is going by WAY too fast.  I wish he could just stay little for a while longer!

He won't stay little, so I will embrace the fact that my baby is out-growing this stage of baby-hood a little too fast.  This months changes and new developments include...
- Smiling a lot
-Rolling everywhere, if he wants a toy across the room, little man will roll to it
- Loving tummy-time, pushing up with is arms, almost looks like he is ready to crawl

- Eating food... which happened way too early (but the kid was hungry so we gave it a try)
- Sleeping through the night (again).  BB was on a couple week stretch of eating at 4am again, but with the introduction of baby food, sleep is our friend again.
- Found his voice and loves to babble, coo and  squeel
- Loves his tongue, sticks it out in all kinds of silly ways

- Loves to put his hands in his mouth and still loves to chew on his toes

BB continues to be a very chill, laid back little man.  He is the perfect fit for our little family and we are all so in love with him.

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