Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Traditions

This time of year is rich with traditions. Some traditions you have done for as long as you can remember, others you picked up when you got married.  Some you adopted from friends.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions was started by my sister (Kerri) when I was in college.  Kerri once told me where she adopted the tradition from, but to be honest, I can't remember where... so I am truly sorry to whomever deserves the credit...

This special Christmas tradition is a "Baby Jesus Gift."  It is the only present that we get to open on Christmas Eve.  But it is not just any gift, all Baby Jesus Gifts are to encourage spiritual growth for the year ahead.  Some of the gifts that have been given in our family include Bibles, devotion books, worship CD's, and books.

The other key to  Baby Jesus Gifts is that they are wrapped in Gold.  The best looking gifts under the tree, beckoning to be opened!

Do you have any traditions when it comes to Christmas gifts?  The other day my friend Megan was telling me that they give their kids 3 gifts, just like how Jesus was given the 3 gifts from the wise men.  I did a quick little search and you can read more about the tradition here.  I think we will adopt this tradition for next year... (already did my shopping for this year).

Whether your traditions are small or grand, new or old, I hope that your Christmas will be full of joy!

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