Saturday, January 29, 2011

day in the life of Bug

Oh, how I love my sweet little Bug!  So much of her personality is coming out more and more.  I love it!  She is determined, a tad strong-willed, but so full of life, humor and spunk.  She is sweet and thoughtful, adores her brothers and is full of snuggles.  There are tough days of testing the limits, but the good times far ought-weigh the bad!

So one of Bug's new favorite things is to pick out and change her clothes.  She will sneak up to her room and re-apear in a whole new outfit.

So, my mom told me about a girl just like Bug, who's favorite thing to do was to change clothes at least a dozen times a day.  There are many ways in which Bug is a little mirror image of me... 
like mother, like daughter


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  2. i thought that was a girl thing, but jake does it too. i just hope everyone who sees us knows that i didn't pick out his clothes. at least bug looks like she does a good job at putting outfits together! :)



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