Thursday, January 13, 2011


My thoughts & updates, to spare you the time, I won't make each one a post, just a quick one-liner...
Bug and I had the stomach flu last week- YUCKY
Mr Steady and I start a parenting class tonight based off of the book Shepherding a Child's Heart  We are really excited for the refresher!
Drove to the grocery store this week, with all 3 kids, only to realize I didn't have my wallet!
H helped me bake a cake yesterday afternoon.  I love baking with that little man.
            Me: "H, only 2 more chocolate chips."
            H: "Mama they are so good, I HAVE to have at least 3!"  (such a negotiator)
B-man has some new skills... I will post video soon
Today I let H feed B, it was so funny to see the two of them try to work together!
I am studying 1 John and loving it!
I have 2 errands to do at the mall I have been trying to go since last week, but haven't been able to make it.  Sometimes it makes me anxious that I can't get simple errands done.  What I would do for a grandma in town!
The sun is out and it should be in the low 70's this week.  Sure doesn't feel like January!
Going to Washington soon to see my grandmothers
Mr. Steady will be home with the big kids for 4 days!  What a great man!
H starts back to pre-K this week, it has been such a long break
I get antsy every January to simplify, purge and reorganize
H feels like such a big kid to me lately, the words he is using the thoughts he can track with.  Growing up too fast.
I have hardly done any school stuff with H in 2 months. Feeling like a slacker
Re-reading Created to be His Help Meet.  Convicting!
Loving Bug with her cute ponny-tails and mischievous smile
Trying to get up each morning at 6am... okay really it is 6:15
Life is flying by, how is already the middle of January

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