Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mommy & Daddy CD/ playlist

I read a book when H was just 1 year old called Creative Family Times.  You can get it for DIRT cheep on (less than $1).  It is full of many amazing and yet super practical ideas for parenting, teaching our kids, talking about God, and cultivating open communication with our kids.  It is a very quick read and a great resource to have around.

Creative Family Times: Practical Activities for Building Character 

In this little book there is a chapter called "Tape Time."  (Can you tell this was published in the late 80's... when most of us were still kids ourselves... too funny).  The idea in this chapter is to make a tape, (I will just say CD) for your kids to listen to when they go to bed at night.  The content of the CD is up to you, but the intent is to let this be a teaching time for your kids, so to think through what you want them to learn.  The author gives multiple ideas for content such as critical information (address, phone number...), memory verses, children stories, kids songs, manners, and godly character.  She even gives specific scripts, which are super helpful!  {I want to reiterate again that this is a great resource to have}

We made the first CD for H when he was 16 months old.  He loves them and still asks to listen to some of the first the Mommy and Daddy CD's.  He has the stories memorized and has learned so much scripture though this too.  One of my favorite parts to some of his CDs is when we talked about all of the things we love about him.  Everyone could use the reminder of how lovable they are : )

If you have a Mac it is really easy to make the CDs in the program called Garage Band.  I am sure there are programs to do this on a PC, I just don't know the details.

Here is a quick run down on how to make these in Garage Band
1.  Once in program click on create a "New Podcast Episode"
2.  A screen will pop up to create a file name to save as.  I have found that it is best that I write in the exact content of what I am recording.  Such as "Golden Rule verses."
3.  Click on what kind of track it will be, I click on "Female Voice"
4.  Then click on the large red circle to start recording
5.  Click the red button to stop recording
6.  Save
7.  Click on "Share" then "Send Podcast to iTunes"
8.  Once in iTunes create a playlist and burn the CD

It does take some prep to get all of your books ready to read, verses out and list of things you want to talk about on your CD.  However much time it takes for you to prep will be worth it!  Your kids will love getting to hear your voice as they fall asleep; what an amazing way to end their day : )

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