Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I am lovin'

In the last week I have posted twice about how I am missin' Utah... I am really not a debbie downer... I promise.  I thought it was about time to reflect on what I am loving about living in SoCal... because there is a lot to love about life here : )

WEATHER!  I will not take for granted that 99% of the time it is great weather and I can send the kids outside to play!  This week has been a bit on the toasty side, but even the heat I love!

BEACH- we are so blessed to live so close to the ocean.  On average, I would guess that we go to the beach twice a week.

CHURCH- we have loved the verse by verse teaching of our church here.  Mr. Steady and I are being encouraged and challenged each and every week.  We are so thankful for the kids programs and the marriage group that we are a part of!

NEIGHBORS-  We have amazing neighbors (that feels like an understatement).  God has totally blessed us with great friends right here in our neighborhood.  My sweet friend Dena has the same motto as I do, "we are made to do life together!"  And that is what we do!  We watch each others kids, share meals, run errands, play at the pool, work on projects, hold babies, pray for each other... life is just better with a friend : )

LIFELONG FRIENDS-  I wouldn't have survived our move without the sweet care of friends that have known me since I was 18!  Each of my dear friends has a cool hubby that is great friends with my man.  We are so thankful for the amazing friends that have eased our transition!  Pool time, BBQs, game nights (lots of NERTZ), playdates and more!
 (too bad all of these girls don't live close by)

TRADER JOES-  Oh, how I love TJs!  I really don't know what I will ever do if we move to someplace (like Utah or Colorado) that does not have Traders?  Sounds funny to put a grocery store up there on my list, but it is true I love Traders!!

MR. STEADY'S JOB- It has been so much fun to see my man excel at his job; and to get endless amounts of recognition at work.  To see him enjoying the challenges that each day brings and the "wins" along the way.  I have been so encouraged by his desire to be a light in all he does!

FAMILY TIME- Since moving here we have had so much more time as a family.  Which has been a HUGE blessing.  We have started new family traditions and just enjoy our time together.

Life really is good here!  I have so much to be thankful for!!

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