Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh wait, that is me...

Have you ever stepped across shoes that need to be put away and thought "won't someone clean this up?"  Or left your car with sippy-cups on the floor of the back seat and thought, "someone needs to bring those in the house!"

Yesterday I opened the refrigerator door and the handle was sticky.  I immediately thought, "I sure wish someone would wipe this up." Then it hit me, "Oh wait, that someone is me."  Oh dang, when did I become the most responsible party present?  I guess that is part of being a grown-up!

It is me... I am daily embracing that rarely do I make the mess, however I am the one that get's to clean it up or assign and supervise the cleanup.  Probably an epiphany many of you had years ago... I am a slow learner I guess : )

I think this point has become even more relevant to me since Mr. Steady is going on week 4 of being laid-up with his herniated disc in his back.  He is helping out where he can, but still so much of taking care of the kids, house, cars, yard and such is up to me.   How do you single moms do it?  Seriously?!?!

So here is to embracing {with JOY} the fact that there is lots to get picked up, cleaned up, put away, taken out, wiped down, and loved on.  Whew, being a mom is hard work!  Bring it!

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  1. I had to laugh so hard at this because I think that all the time -- "someone really should ... "



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