Wednesday, September 8, 2010

She is still a baby...

Bug became a big sister at 19 months of age, which was (and really still is) a huge transition for such a little person!  I have tried to remind myself often that she is still a baby.  Okay, more toddler than baby, but still a baby none the less!

Today Baby Bro started fussing, so I started strapping on the Baby Bjorn to put him in it (I keep my cute Beco in the car for when we are out and about).  As soon as I had it on Bug said, "My turn?!?"  Followed by "Choo, Choo!"  Which, when translated, means "Hold you!" and this is Bug's way of saying, 'mama please hold me'.  So in light of my attempt to remember that she is still my baby girl, I picked her up and put her in, and carried her around for a while.

I think she liked it:

This little buddy likes it too : )


  1. Hi Kel! You are such a great mom! I think about you often since I feel like I'm in the same spot as you are - living in a new city. You probably feel more adjusted than I do. Hope all is well in the O.C.!!

  2. i carried my giant boys in the baby bjorn long past when I safely should have. They loved it!

    such little cuties you have



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