Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 months old

Three months old?!?!  Three months is a long time, think about a trimester in pregnancy (that never goes by too quickly) yet where have the last three months gone?

Oh, Baby Bro you have stolen a huge piece of my heart.  I love your wide open-mouth smile when you see me!  I love that you instantly stop crying when you know you are going to be picked up.  I love that you hate tummy-time, because that so reminds me of your brother and sister at this stage.  This month you started to like the swing and it gives me at least another hour a day with my hands free.  You haven't been a huge fan of the carseat, an arch of your back and quick cry in protest, but then you are usually fine once I have the buckles done up and binky back in your mouth.  Overall you are so content.  You are one sweet little buddy and I can't wait to see more of your personality come out!

You have such a great mix of go with the flow and super flexible with only the slightest bit of feistyness.  You let your big sister smash your face as she is trying to lovingly give you your binky. 

You are chill little man!!!  And we LOVE that about you!

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