Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We had a full and busy weekend.  For most of the weekend we had 6 adults and 8 kiddos (all under the age of 5) at our casa.  It was fun, chaotic, a tad crazy, a little loud and totally wonderful : )  Two of my college roommates and their families spent the weekend with us.  Kat and her hubby only live 20 minute away, so they would come for the days and hang out late into the evening.  Court and her hubby came down from Central California.  Oh what a treat it was to have these life-long friends here.

I loved getting to watch both of them mother, getting to watch their kiddos and just observing each family in action.  We all parent in slightly different ways.  And can I tell you that I was so encouraged and challenged by these differences.

You see, I am a little bit of a type A personality.  There is always a to-do list in my head and things that I see all around me that need to be done.  I am so guilty of putting tasks at the top of my priorities.  More than once this weekend, H asked me it I would play with him, to which time I said "no," because I had a ton to do.  Then H asked Kat, Court or one of the dads and he heard, "Yes, of course, what do you want to do Buddy?"  I watched the pure delight on his face at the realization that someone said yes!

Uggh, why am I so quick to say no?!?!   I want to be better at playing.  I want to be a fun mom.  I want to prioritize my kids over my tasks.  Where to start??  I am sure this sounds beyond ridiculous to some of you... but it is the truth, sitting down and playing (JUST PLAYING) is hard for me to do.  So I am setting a goal of playing with each one of my kids for at least 15 minutes each day... focused time, no answering my phone or sending a text, not getting up to change the laundry or start dinner... just focused mommy-time playing.

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  1. Appreciate your honesty Kelly - I feel like I'm struggling with the same thing right now - that I need to put more 1:1 play time on my "to do" list!



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