Monday, March 21, 2011

9 Months

B-man is 9 months old.  Has this gone by fast to anyone other than me?  Are you all tired of hearing me say how quickly time is FLYING by right now? 

So I think the teething fairy came and stole my chill little dude and temporarily gave me a grumpy, wants to be held all of the time, waking up occasionally at night, fussy little man.  Praying all those darn teeth break through soon so that my laid-back little man returns soon!  And while I am on the subject, why does the teething process go so smoothly for some kids and it turns the world up-side-down for others?!?!
 Can you see his 2 teeth on bottom... more are coming...

So when those stinking teeth are not hurting B, he is still a delight to be around.  And this month has 2 big firsts... not walking yet, but probably not too far off : )

  • Standing up!  B is pulling himself up to standing, and I have even caught him letting go and balancing for a few seconds.  
  • Babbling "Mama" and "Dada"!  LOVE to hear his sweet little voice.  Yesterday Mr. Steady was in the car with the kids.  I hopped in the car and started talking, as soon as B heard my voice he started saying "Mama, Mama, Mama" over and over again.  Awwh, so cute : ) 

B is determined... and I finally caught it on the camera.  These shots crack me up!

and he hates to have his plans thwarted... just a little example... I took something out of his hand that he shouldn't have...

I love this little man {teething or content} I can't get enough of him!

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  1. Can't believe our boys are so old already......I don't think Nathan is going to talk until he's 3, he doesn't babble sounds at all! He's a quite little man. I still want to walk! FB me and let me know what works for you



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