Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Steady-ism

I just showed Mr. Steady all of my hard work in creating tabs at the top of my blog.  He responded, "Nice."  In a joking manner I said, "You need to be more excited, that took me a while."  And he pointed to his picture on the side of the page and said, "See it says I am Mr. Steady, not Mr. Excited!"

Ha!  It made me laugh out loud!  Sometimes I wish he was more excitable, and exuberant, but usually those that have high highs, have some low lows.  So thankful for my Mr. Steady!  Though he might not ever physically jump for joy, he is never mean, depressed or negative!

I love my man!


  1. This made me laugh out loud too! LOVE the tabs! I;m excited! I was just trying to pull a recipe off of your website the other day, and now it will be much faster with the tabs. Love, Hal

  2. Ok....HOW did you add tabs!!!!!??????



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