Tuesday, March 1, 2011


is not off to a great start...
I got up 25 minutes later than usual
wasn't done with my BibleStudy when kids got up
I wasn't ready to be needed by my little peeps
I'm still in my PJs at 8:30
Bug is up in her room crying as she is trying to "find her happy heart"
H is running around with crazy boy energy
And I think B's tummy might be hurting him
I have a to do list that could have been accomplished on a good day
.... but not looking quite as possible at the moment

Wishing I would have pulled my tired bum out of bed earlier... our day might be looking different if I had!  Praying that we can get back on track and all find our happy hearts!


  1. Thanks for being real, Kelly! We all have those days. Today I got a shower first thing, so you know, my day is off to a good start:) Isn't it funny how it's the little things?



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