Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pizza and Movie Night

We recently started a new tradition in our home that has been a huge hit: Pizza and Movie Night!  We start out with Trader Joe's pizza dough, and throw together some scrumptious pizzas.  The kids pizzas always consist of just sauce and cheese.  But Mr. Steady and I have gourmet ones : )  Last nights creations consisted of pesto sauce, with artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.  Getting hungry just thinking about it : )

Then we watch a kids movie.  Last night it was Bug's turn to pick and she choose "Lady and the Tramp."  Both of the big kids were totally in to it.  Sweet Bug came over and sat in my lap for the last half of the movie.  I loved the chance to snuggle with my little girl!

We dialog a little during the movie, especially since Bug is asking lots of questions.  We are trying to point out honorable character, love and commitment.  It is fun to see them connect the dots between character areas that we are talking with them about and then watching it played out in the movies.  Not every movie has a direct correlation of exactly what we are working on, but it is amazing what you can draw out when you are intentionally looking for it.  It's a great time for dialog; either during or after the movie.  We welcome any chance we can get (or in this case, create) to help shape the little hearts we have in our home!

If you want help in selecting a movie, you should check out Plugged In by Focus on the Family.  They review every movie (not just kids flicks).  They tell you the good and the bad, with even specific details such as how many times they say the word "idiot" in a film. 

You can even download a new App for your phone, by going to your App Store (iPhone or Android Market).  Search "Plugged In Mobile."  Worth having on your phone so you can do a quick search where ever you are!  Just downloaded it on mine : )

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