Monday, March 28, 2011

Toddlers Helping

I learned a few years ago how important it is to welcome the help of our little ones.  All too soon, our kids might not desire to help us if we have always shewed them away, they might down right detest having to do chores and helping around the house.  So while your kiddos are little, let them help, teach them the joy of a job well done.  Teach them that they are an important part of the family and that you need their help.

Yes, it may take you twice as long to get something done.
Yes, you might have to re-do whatever you had them do (after they are in bed... don't let them see you re-doing all their hard work).
Yes, it takes time to think of ways they can help.
Yes, you get to build memories together.
Yes, you are starting to teach them life long skills

Ideas of jobs and chores your little kids (ages 2-3) can help with.
Wiping down baseboards, doors and railings
Wiping down bar-stools or dining chairs
Wiping down the outside of the kitchen trash can
Bringing clean laundry to each person's room
Loading clothes from washer to dryer
Helping sort laundry (with your supervision)
Picking up after themselves (toys)
Set the table

Job ideas for pre-schoolers (4-5)
unload the silverware from the dishwasher (after you have taken out all sharp knives)
Bring dirty clothes to the laundry room
Clear the table, dump trash off plates, put plates by the sink
Help scrub shower walls (H loved this a bottle of water/ vinegar mix to spray and a rag for scrubbing)
Match clean socks
Water plants

Great book with more ideas for little helpers... and I am sure there are many more books with great ideas.  If you know of any, please comment so we can all benefit : )
Mommy, Teach Me: Preparing Your Preschool Child for a Lifetime of Learning 

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