Saturday, April 24, 2010

$32... well spent

This morning my friend Kathy and I hit the absolute jackpot at a local neighborhood garage sale.  It was so much fun to say the least.  I think that finding deals at garage sales is a slight addiction for me.  I haven't gone to a garage sale since last summer, I almost forgot how much fun can be had at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning.

$1- Dinosaurs for H

$5- Change Pad and Cover (probably could have asked for a little less, but it was the first purchase of the day and I was just so excited to find something on my list.  Bug and Baby#3 will both be in diapers for a while so I want both of their rooms set with all needed changing items.)

$5- set of 4 baskets with liners- for the nursery

$5- Purse- again, probably could have tried to get it for lesss

$3- Baby Clothes for our little surprise baby (due in less than 10 weeks with our girl or boy)

$1.50- 2 books and 3 puzzles (sorry no picture)
$2- Spotless Diaper Champ for new baby

Steal of the day
There was a bin of clothes that said "Maternity Clothes- $8".  When I first saw it I thought $8 per item, and heck, I only have a little over 2 months left, do I really want to spend more money on maternity clothes?  Well, I was quite shocked to find out the entire bin was only $8 and most of the clothes were my size.  I pried open the lid and decided to look inside.  To my complete surprise there were a ton of cute items and some designer jeans.  So I asked the lady how much, and she said, "$8 for the whole bin."  So I said "Sold!!"
Here is what was inside:
3- Pairs of Jeans
7- Pairs of other pants
3- Pairs of Capri pants
3- Sweaters
1- Shorts
3- Skirts
20- Shirts (not a typo, 20 shirts!)

All for $8 total!!!  $8 is well worth a new wardrobe for the next 2 months, but beyond that when I am done with it, I will be selling some of the items and making a little more money for Saturday morning fun!
Some of my Favorites
I just looked it up online and both of these jeans retail for between $160 and $210!  Seriously, can you see my perma-grin at my amazing deals?

She also had some cute non-maternity items, that I got.  I already got a steal of a deal, so I paid a little more for these.

$5- Skirt and Sevens Capris

This was one of the shirts that I got in the $8 bin.  I thought it was so cute, I put it on as soon as I got home and we headed down to the beach to play as a family with our dear friends that were in town.
Ahh, what a great Saturday!  Anyone want any cute maternity clothes come mid summer???

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  1. Kel- You are looking so cute! I miss seeing you, but loved checking out your blog. Your bargain shopping inspired me! Are you serious about giving away your maternity clothes later in the summer? If so, I would be interested. Not sure I could fit in them--you look so tiny :) Hugs, Julie



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