Friday, April 30, 2010

PreSchool- Beach and Ocean

                      Tot School

H- 4 1/2
Bug- 17 months

This last week we kind of broke away from our traditional "school" week and did learning activities out on our adventures.  We had dear friends from Utah come out to visit, and truth be told it felt like a vacation for us too.  We did many touristy things and loved every minute of learning on the go.  Here is what we did this week...

I drew large circles in the sand and put 3 letter words across the circles.  Then I had H jump from one circle to the next saying the sound the letter makes as he was in that circle, then the whole word at the end.

He loved it, so I made another word, then another, until I had a mini scrabble board going ; )   Daddy then noticed that all of the words I had in the sand you could read forward or backward, so we had H hop both directions to figure out the different words that were written in the sand.

Bug playing at the beach... looking very concerned.

Science- Marine Life

We had the pleasure of going up to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  The kids both really enjoyed it, and I had a great time as well.  We talked about all of the different types of fish and sea mammals we saw.  We even got to feel some of the different creatures.  H was brave enough to touch the starfish, and sea anemone, but he left it up to me to touch the sting-ray.  Bug even touched the starfish and sea anemone, though she was a little rough with them.  Guess we need to work on the meaning of gentle before the baby is born... currently not a part of her vocabulary or understanding for that matter : )

We talked a lot about how creative God is in making all of these different kinds and colors of fish.  I think this is the most colorful aquarium I have ever been to in regard to the color of the fish.  It was honestly amazing.  For the first time I was hit with the thought that there is not a color "created" by man that God did not use somewhere in creation!
 scooba diver feeding the fish
 blues, greens, orange, yellow, pink, reds... so beautiful and amazing!

The show that was put on by the seals at feeding time was fascinating.  The seals are really such smart animals.  All of the kids were thuroghly entertained!

At the end of our day at the aquarium we visited the Lorikeet exhibit.  The birds are beautiful in color.  On the way in a sign said,  to be careful because the birds may bite your finger.  H took the warning very seriously and stood with his hands behind his back the whole time we were in the exhibit.  Me on the other hand stood with my hands covering my head because a bird dive bombing my head or pooping in my hair is one of my biggest fears... true story!

Here we are with our friends, and Bug is showcasing her true independent streak in this picture as she tries to escape.

Ahh, what a great week of vacation at home/ schooling on the go!  Thanks friends for the visit, we miss you, come back soon!


  1. What a fun week! Love the letters in the sand and the hopping ~ I'm sure H-Man loved it!

  2. What a fun week!!! Love the writing in the sand :)

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I plan to get back to you about the sight words when I have a moment. I might even do a separate post about it. :)

    It seems like our kids are similar ages. When are you due with your 3rd? I'm due August 16!

  4. Stopping by through the Tot School link. Really liking your sand activity. As there is no chance of our being anywhere near sand I though I would try this with sidewalk chalk. Congratulations on the baby! Hubby and I just had our 3rd little one 3 weeks ago. Sure makes trying to do activities fun.

  5. I LOVE that you are sharing your preschool curriculum with us! I am planning on starting some more structured learning time with Ethan in the fall, and I totally plan on using some of your ideas! Thanks Kelly! Looks like you guys are having so much fun!

  6. This is a great week on the beach. Aquarium visits are wonderful - no reading about ocean life can replace actually seeing them in their native habitat. And I also love the sand hopping game.

  7. Hi Kelly!
    I answered your question about sight words and our handwriting practice pages here:

    I hope that answered your question!

    ~Catherine :)

  8. Oh i am totally going to copy you!!! we are going to the beach for a week next week and learn we shall!



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