Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Whether it it nesting, spring cleaning, or just a desire to get more settled... I have an itch that can not be settled.  I have started my lists of all of the things I want to get done before our baby is born.  It seems like everything on the list has some sort of trickle-down effect.

For instance to get the baby room ready we need to switch the kids rooms around.  The baby room and guest room are going to be one in the same.  However, the current guest room does not have room for the crib.  So, we have to switch rooms with H.... which means organizing and downsizing on some of his toys and finding other places to store them (like the office or garage)... which means cleaning through and organizing the office and garage.... which means going through boxes of files... which means researching how long it is recommended to hold on to bank statements, medical bills, ect.... (anyone know how long to hold on to documents???)

It is all feeling a little overwhelming.  Good thing we have 2 1/2 months left : )

 Here is a belly shot of me at 28 weeks

Did I mention that it is hard to get much done this far into pregnancy???  A lot of that is due to my sciatic issues, but all in all it is just hard to move with much agility these days!  My lack of mobility in no way takes away from my urge to nest.  I just want to get stuff done!

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