Thursday, April 8, 2010

let them be boys!

I am slowly learning what it means to be a mom of a boy.  You would think I would have got this down by now since H is almost 4 1/2!  But, I often hear myself saying things like "be careful," "calm down," and "please don't get dirty."  Not saying that these are inappropriate comments/ encouragements/ directions for a mom of a boy to give... but there should be times that these "suggestions" are thrown out the window and that boys are allowed to be boy, careless, dirty, full of energy, and somewhat crazy.  So here is to an afternoon that my friend Nicole and I were able to let our boys be boys! (Truth be told, it was totally unnatural for both of us, but when all was said and done, we were kind of proud of ourselves for not stepping in and hindering the fun... which is something I am really good at doing).

 Yes, we did have to shower them off outside, soak the clothes over-night in oxy-clean and pick dirt out of his ears.  But it was TOTALLY worth it!  Oh, and Nicole, did have to buy more dirt to put around the tree where all of the mud washed away.  But I think she would agree, it was such a great afternoon of letting them be dirty messy boys, playing in the mud!

And in case you are wondering... sweet Bug, took a long nap that day!  I still wonder if she would have joined in the mud and mess or if she would have sat by and let the boys have all of the fun!

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  1. Well said Kel! It was fun to watch them have such a great time. Definitly worth the bag of dirt and Oxiclean:) I am proud of us:))



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